Musicians and projects

Wood and Wire Music founder Jim Goodin in addition to his solo work is involved in three other projects currently.  Most recently he has been working with Swedish musician Peter Thörn on a CD titled From Brooklyn To Glindran.  This body of work’s proceeds will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

Goodin is working with the international virtual quintet Digitsignal featuring Peter Thörn, Steve Moyes (UK), Jeff Duke (USA) and Ray Istorico (USA).  Digitsignal performs live webcasts twice montly utilizing NinJam and Livestream.  Their broadcast channel is Digitsignal released Absence Of Being as part of the 2010 RPM Challenge.

Also with above mentioned Florida/USA artist Jeff Duke, Goodin and Duke have a released Unforeseen Circumstances, a currently digital download release only, of what was initially a ‘test’ NinJam session for a then upcoming show. The session so ‘rocked’ that Goodin and Duke decided to release formerly. UC is available at

Goodin works with Daryl Shawn in the duo the two founded in 2006 Chinapainting.

Chinapainting’s newest release Night Blooming Cereus is available on Bandcamp at

As noted in the ‘Threadin…’ post Goodin is an active participant in the ImprovFriday web community, taking part in creating music each weekend for the ‘thread’.

After meeting at the Y2K2009 International Live Looping Festival, Goodin and singer-songwriter/looping artist Lilli Lewis stayed in touch and recently collaborated on a remix of Lewis’s song, Fly.

Goodin produced in 2009 for the CT-Collective community, ReUse, a CD with 16 musicians from around the globe who created each of their pieces of music only from items normally thrown away. ReUse is available on Bandcamp at


About Jim Goodin

I'm a musician with focus on new and experimental music, podcaster and voice over guy. I'm a runner and biker.
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