My Week…

For several weeks now I have written and maintained another WordPress blog for publishing brief reviews that Paul Muller and myself do of the music produced each weekend by the ImprovFriday experimental music community.

Each weekend @30 member artists come doing and produce between 50-70 new musical compositions and post them publicly under Creative Commons license for the world to peruse, download from the ImprovFriday home portal. The work ranges from subtle and delicate to intense and raw but is always outstanding. I would like to invite you to read each weeks posting of this review blog which is published by each Thursday at WhatsNewAtImprovFriday.

In addition to the blog, Paul and I host the ImprovFriday Radio podcast series published monthly, subscribable via iTunes and our podcast channel

The weekend open call for new music submissions for the ImprovFriday forum event begins each Thursday afternoon at 4pm PST and concludes on Saturday at 10pm PST. I generally contribute 3 to 4 pieces each weekend. Last night I posted, By Random Chance, a solo acoustic guitar piece based on an improvisation in Phrygian mode.

Additionally this week I was inspired by the work of a guitarist in China, Domina Catrina Lee, who responded to a video performance piece of mine. In response to the inspiration I made this video, doing the track, imagery, editing and posting on Monday. It’s titled CrossTalk.

Also managed to spend a little time doing some Finale engraving (notation) for an upcoming book with Mel Bay Publications, Inc., that will focus on traditional harp music arranged for acoustic guitar. I’m behind on this project but trying to catch up. It will include traditional American and Celtic tunes. I have two other works out with the publisher, DADGAD Encyclopedia Book/CD published in 2008 and Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, Volume 2 Book/CD Set published in 2001.

Not to be overlooked, DigItSignal, the international virtual quintet that I am part of with Peter Thörn (Sweden), Steve Moyes (UK), Jeff Duke (USA), Ray Istorico (USA), began the week with a live video concert streamed over our channel on Livestream last Sunday from 12pm EST to 1pm EST. As we often do, we perform to film and for this show we performed to the 1920 Fritz Lang film Das wandernde Bild. The archive recording of that show is available for viewing at DigItSignal Aug 1 webcast. DigItSignal performs 1 to 2 times monthly. Our video channel is Find us there and be sure to ‘friend’ us on Facebook, search DigItSignal.

And beyond all that there was some hanging out time with my kids after day work. They have had a busy summer themselves but are enjoying a leisurely August.


About Jim Goodin

I'm a musician with focus on new and experimental music, podcaster and voice over guy. I'm a runner and biker.
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8 Responses to My Week…

  1. Paul Muller says:

    Wow – you’re busy!

    I have been something of a sloth this past week – I hope to get the motor going again this weekend…

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Paul thanks, you will. All comes in cycles. I’m generally better when I have several agendas. See ya in the thread!

  2. Michael Mjollnir says:

    I really dig this and love the idea of ImprovFriday. I will check this out in more detail. if you get a chance swing by my blog and listen to some of the music that i am working on. Let me know if there is anything that you find interesting. I have kids myself, so I have much respect to you for getting all these project in. Awesome!


    • Jim Goodin says:

      Michael thanks for your kind and positive note. Love the look of your WOrdpress site by the way, neat feel to it. Please consider making a profile on IF and joining us. It’s an incredibly inspiring place to me and has been now for about 6 months when I joined through other friends inviting back in January. Your balance between music and motorcycling is interesting and I they are both muses. I will check out your work which I did take look but need to return to listen. Thanks re parental support, a wonderful experience, one I juggle, one I never dreamed I’d have.



      • Michael Mjollnir says:


        I immediately went to IF and applied for an account last night. I am excited to get more involved with the community.



      • Jim Goodin says:

        Michael you’re profile should be applied pretty much immediately, I’ll check on it.

  3. pthoege says:

    Youre pretty active!!

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