JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes is Upon Us!

Support JDRF and Callie's Crusade for the Cure

Support JDRF and Callie's Crusade for the Cure

Tomorrow, Oct. 3rd, we walk to cure type 1 diabetes, a condition that affects my daughter Callie, friend and music partner Peter Thörn and so many others on our planet. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International one of the most forefront organizations furthering and pushing the envelope in finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

JDRF holds special Walks all over the US such as the one we are taking part in tomorrow morning at 9am in Battery Park, lower Manhattan (NYC). These days with this one being our 6th year to take part, bring together those afflicted with this disease and those who are family’s and support bases of those afflicted, in a day of recognition, support and encouragement and celebration really for all of their tenacity in staying healthy with this disease which is a daunting task, filled with multiple daily blood sugar tests and insulin injections or pumps into their bodies, before they have breakfast, lunch or dinner or even a snack sometimes.

My family in support of JDRF and my daughter has raised to date $4,600. Donations are received through the end of October so please consider supporting this great research need so one day a solution, a cure will be found.

You may donate online by going to, http://walk.jdrf.org/?fuseaction=extranet.personalpage&confirmid=87757613. If you donate $100 or more you will be sent a copy of a benefit CD Peter and I recorded this last spring, ‘From Brooklyn to Glindran‘. You may also purchase that CD or it’s digital distribution in lossless audio by going to http://jimgoodinpeterthorn.bandcamp.com. All proceeds from this record are benefiting JDRF.

Thank you for your interest and support in this cause and the work of JDRF. Tomorrow we walk for a ‘Cure’.

Support JDRF and Callie's Crusade for the Cure

Support JDRF and Callie's Crusade for the Cure


About Jim Goodin

I'm a musician with focus on new and experimental music, podcaster and voice over guy. I'm a runner and biker.
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