RPM Challenge 2012

I’m way behind updating this page but that doesn’t mean my music hasn’t been flowing and inactive, quite contrary. I will say over last year I’ve been launching a new direction in mobile app development and in Oct. released my first app for Apple devices. For info on that visit my page woodandwireware.wordpress.com.

On the music front for last several years I have experimented with a number of instruments in my work with many being fretless. In recent weeks I have been experiencing a return to the solo fretted guitar, a foundation I pursued for much of my musical adult life. I’m playing a lot of 12 string guitar currently and am participating this month in the RPM Challenge an online event that celebrates the spirit of encouraging musicians to release a cd of their work all done and produced in the month of February. I have been part of this event since 2007.

I’m excited about the prices and sound that at coming together for this record, it’s been a while since I hav put out a focused body of work and I’m excited about doing that.

Stay tuned for news on this new release.


About Jim Goodin

I'm a musician with focus on new and experimental music, podcaster and voice over guy. I'm a runner and biker.
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