Meeting at 505

20120218-230500.jpgComposer/guitarist James Ross and I got together for our 4th improvisational set today. Though preparing for more electronics and looping, James greeting me with his Chinese Zhongruan lute-like 4 stringed instrument and suggested an acoustic only session. We recorded for approximately two hours with some great textures and variance.

Here’s the first 4 minutes of our beginnings.
Meeting at 505

This month I’m working on a cd of my music as participation in the RPM Challenge. The project started out solo as a return to the guitar. I recently expanded and invited occasional collaborativer world drummer Will Romano to join me on some of the pieces. With the energy from today I will include some of the Ross-Goodin work and am toying with inviting Will to add to one of those tracks.

The working title for the soon to be released RPM cd is Burst from the Sky, Take Flight.


About Jim Goodin

I'm a musician with focus on new and experimental music, podcaster and voice over guy. I'm a runner and biker.
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