From Spikes to an Easter[n] Bunny – the Sound-In event – 3/28 – 30

The Sound-In camp assembled at it’s usual virtual time and home on Thursday, March 28th at 4pm PST and the musical thread that connected 16 global musicians for their publishing of 48 new musical works never before heard or planned.  Often with the weekly event participating members creative works are created from just a couple days before to during the 2+ day event.

With this episode here is a piece from each artist who participated this weekend.  For the complete 48 track listing go to the listening archive.

James Bailey
Bruce Hamilton
Steve Moshier
Cautionary Reflex
Johnny & Faith
Waiting For Keyser Soze
Norbert Oldani
Budda Boy
Glenn Smith
I Got Pigs in my Goat House
Jim Goodin
The Forest for the Trees
William V. Newbold
Paul Mimlitsch
Shane W. Cadman
Piece032913 (an unused track)
Paul H. Muller
Short Fugue
ele voltou
Benjamin Smith
Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Drifting Angel
Steve Moyes
Steve Layton
The Scribe Draws a Dancer in the Margin
The Eastern Bunny(feat. Chris Vaisvil x 2, Benjamin Smith, Paul Muller, Norbert Oldani)
Chris Vaisvil
Facebook, the Window of Basal Ganglia

Sound-In is a ‘new music’ online music community located at  The weekly event begins each Thursday at @4pm PST and runs through 6pm PST on Saturday, inviting participating member musical and sound artists to post work(s) under Creative Commons agreement for public listening and downloading.  Consider joining us if you are a ‘new music’ musical artist.  View the site FAQ for information.  Sound-In was founded by Seattle based composer J.C. Combs.

Soundingly yours –

Jim Goodin, Wood and Wire Music



About Jim Goodin

I'm a musician with focus on new and experimental music, podcaster and voice over guy. I'm a runner and biker.
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