Down Under

I have had opportunity all week to perform in a neighborhood metro station. I used to do this regularly and with other recent directions, I’m in a return to this as well. The energy of playing there, people passing by, improvising on them in a sense, occasional by chance connection, noise and the environment are all inspiring.

Took video cam along and strapped to the gate to document this appearance. This sequence is an improv on a piece of my titled Hypnosis that I was originally playing in 2003. The piece was published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. in my book DADGAD Encyclopedia in 2008.

Additional note for those in New York area I will be appearing at Goodbye Blue Monday on May 14 at 9pm (and at this subway stop as time permits!)

Thanks for watching, following, being you!



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A New Video and more!

I have been going back and revisiting several of my earlier guitar pieces in plans to bring them back in to my current set list. Since @2006 I have focused on improvisation which has had a got of importance and advances to my playing but at the same time I’m realizing that some of my earlier, ‘song form’ material needs to emerge again.

In a previous post I mentioned one piece Transportation Suite, written in early 2000 reflecting on my sense of day to day commuting life in New York though this piece on a broader sense can be about any metropolis experience.

Earlier this week as the weather was nice I went to a neighborhood part and shot several video sequences of my playing. I just got this one edited and posted. There are a few more to come as I have time to edit, including some footage from downunder of a return to subway performances.

Also with this post I wanted to let you know that I have a new website located in your Internet browser at

My music downloads and newest CD Burst from the Sky Take Flight are all available at

Thanks for checking out all and to that are following me here on WordPress, thank you!

Have great rest of the week.


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The late hour, the diner and rediscovery

I went out last night late for a craving of pancakes which led me to a local 24 hour diner. The late night diner is nothing new to me though I frequented more often in my Arkansas years as I worked late night a lot. But last night it hit me at how peaceful the ‘musicality’ was of the people there, the energy of the place, there was a whole ‘vibe’ that felt comfortable and yet also familiar. Beyond the owls of the night like myself, there were transit and hospital workers on dinner break and it was kind of a reminder of the spirit of the night which has always been the most creative and productive time to me.

These days I work day time hours but I still stay up as late as I can and just sleep less. It’s all just the spirit and most creative time to me as I mentioned. Perhaps it’s just the time when it feels the world is less busy less neurotic and ‘less is more’.

As side bar much of my ‘late night’ activity this week has been revisiting and recording new spins on some of my guitar compositions I created years ago. In recent years I have gotten away from this style and have been working In a more improv approach. In this current period of work I feel like I am rediscovering and reinventing myself, yet again. Keeps me young I hope. Here’s a link to a piece I wrote in 2001, released on my cd Stories My Guitar Told Me, called Transportation Suite.

Scenes from the Diner…




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The Picture on Yesterday’s Post

A short reflection on the image I included with yesterday’s post about the Ross-Goodin get together. The picture of a flock of birds in flight I made one morning when I was walking by the local hospital and saw the flock circling a tower of the hospital. They kept going round and round, landing briefly and off again each time returning to formation. I grabbed the image via my iPad camera.

The feeling of that scene as well as the image has seemed to become the theme in my naming of tracks for the upcoming RPM Challenge release, Burst from the Sky, Take Flight. The title is working but thinking of it being. Let me know in a comment if you like or ‘like it’ :).

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Meeting at 505

20120218-230500.jpgComposer/guitarist James Ross and I got together for our 4th improvisational set today. Though preparing for more electronics and looping, James greeting me with his Chinese Zhongruan lute-like 4 stringed instrument and suggested an acoustic only session. We recorded for approximately two hours with some great textures and variance.

Here’s the first 4 minutes of our beginnings.
Meeting at 505

This month I’m working on a cd of my music as participation in the RPM Challenge. The project started out solo as a return to the guitar. I recently expanded and invited occasional collaborativer world drummer Will Romano to join me on some of the pieces. With the energy from today I will include some of the Ross-Goodin work and am toying with inviting Will to add to one of those tracks.

The working title for the soon to be released RPM cd is Burst from the Sky, Take Flight.

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Next podcast

While on a I roll this AM I meant to mention in the previous post but Paul Muller and I are working on our next podcast featuring the music of composer Steve Moshier. This episode should be published sometime in March.

In the interim give a listen to our last episode which featured the music of micro tonality Peter Thoegersen. This cast is on Soundcloud at, come follow us.

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RPM Challenge progress, truss rod challenge

I’m making good progress on my release for the February RPM Challenge. I’m doing a long overdue guitar based record with so far a mix of 12 and 6 string improvisations and a couple of wild hares. I have around 8 pieces done and hope to do a couple more before packaging. This will both a physical CD and online distribution through Bandcamp.

One issue that is fighting me a bit is I’m using a Fender 12 I was given several years ago. Though the neck is not great it was settled enough to begin the project however I’ve had some drift. I tried a neck tweak a couple of times of the truss rod but so far not there.

This records has spurned my interest in working with the 12 string so probably another instrument is on the radar.

Tentative title will be Burst from the Sky, Take Flight.


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